How to Live Forever

In the twentieth century, the practice of cryonics (preserving dead bodies for a future ‘resurrection’) came into being. Though dismissed by many as a pseudo-science, others have clung to its hope by having their own or loved one’s body go through the preservation procedure. According to my Google search, there are at least four cryonic … Continue reading How to Live Forever

The New Kentucky ‘Farmer’: Moving Forward with Technology

KET, Kentucky Educational Television, recently broadcast a fascinating forum hosted by Renee Shaw called “AgriTech in Kentucky” (May 23, 2022). ‘AgriTech’ is an abbreviated way to say ‘agricultural technology.’ This program noted that the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the heart of the U.S.A. has, by its geographical location on the banks of the Ohio River, … Continue reading The New Kentucky ‘Farmer’: Moving Forward with Technology