How to Live Forever

In the twentieth century, the practice of cryonics (preserving dead bodies for a future ‘resurrection’) came into being. Though dismissed by many as a pseudo-science, others have clung to its hope by having their own or loved one’s body go through the preservation procedure. According to my Google search, there are at least four cryonic … Continue reading How to Live Forever

Poem on the Transient Nature of Life, “The Silence of a Tomb”

I recently lost a cousin who was my age.  We both married fairly young, pursued middle class careers, raised children in suburban homes, and later lovingly invited grandchildren into our lives.  Her death has caused me to reflect on what I have accomplished thus far in my life and what my future goals are.  The … Continue reading Poem on the Transient Nature of Life, “The Silence of a Tomb”

Where Are You?

In times of turmoil around us--hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, mass flooding, unparalleled fires--and within us--sickness, disease, death, accidents, addiction, poverty, crime--many individuals cry out, "Where is God?"  Particularly anguished are families who lose innocent children. This is not a new question.  And I'm sure I don't have new answers.  I certainly will not have answers … Continue reading Where Are You?

To Mend A Heart

Keeping pace in a crowded race / With plans laid out for my stride, / I saw off the path a wounded heart / And I almost passed it by. / Yet while others ran on, I walked alone / Not knowing what price I’d pay / For walking a road never taken before / But with love, I looked for a way...

Love Found

Fairy tales would lead us to believe concerning relationships that everyone lives "happily ever after."  Many times that is true.  Other times, death or difficulties intervene and marriages are cut short.  I'm sharing with you a poem I wrote for a dear family member as he found love again after his wife of many years … Continue reading Love Found