Back To My Arms

A restless son left his Dad's embrace / To live life on his own. / He turned away from his Father's house / And love he once had known. / He fulfilled the dreams of each desire / But still ached with emptiness. / So, regretting wrongs, he went back home / And smiled through tears when his Dad said...

Bionic Nonny!

My playful ditty BIONIC NONNY [pronounced NAH'nee} explores the wonderful age of medical miracles in which we live! What surgeons can repair in a broken or degenerate body is amazing! Surgery, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities are certainly not what I think of when I contemplate a pleasant experience or a time of vacation.  However, after … Continue reading Bionic Nonny!

In the Storm

When life gets rough some people blame God. They just cannot understand why God would let bad things happen to them. Them... of all people! They were brought up in church. They don't do anything really terrible. They pray. They do good deeds. And then when something overwhelming happens, they look to God as though … Continue reading In the Storm