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Now available: I am very pleased to announce the publication of SWEET POTATO PIE, OH MY!, my first children’s book in the NONNY DAY SERIES. Below you will find a description of the book and the series, including information about me as the author, and Courtney Coriell Williams as the illustrator.

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For those of you who have already purchased the book, I want to extend a big “Thank you!” This is the page where, for now, you’ll find additional resources related to the book. (In the future, as more books in the series are published and more materials are posted on this page, the contents will move to its own site,

Below is the sing-along audio for the “Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!” song that is featured in the book. I’ll add more materials as they are created for this book, and for others in the series as they are published.


Sing-along audio for the “Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!” Song:

“Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!” – Lyrics & Music Copyright © Connie Carlisle Polley 2019


  • A Young Children’s Read-Aloud Rhyme
  • An Activity-Based Reader for Ages 5 to 8
  • Preparing Early Readers to be Successful Students of Language and Learning
  • Includes Nonny’s Nurturing Tips, Two Recipes, and a Fun Song!

SWEET POTATO PIE, OH MY! is the first book of the author’s NONNY DAY SERIES, each of which is designed to prepare early readers to be successful students of language, learning, and life. In addition to containing fun narratives and beautifully hand-painted illustrations, each book also contains ideas for engaging with children in meaningful and educational activities. This volume includes two sweet potato pie recipes (including kitchen safety tips for kids), an original song, and ideas for nurturing the child’s feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.

Beautiful illustrations by Courtney Coriell Williams
Beautiful, hand-painted illustrations by Courtney Coriell Williams, and large text for easy reading

Story Description

The book’s principle character Timmy is spending the day with his grandmother, Nonny, as he often does. He calls these days his “Nonny Days.” On this day they are enjoying making a scrumptious sweet potato pie–all the way from purchasing “…that pointy, lumpy vegetable…” to savoring their first bites of such a delectable dessert! Meanwhile Nonny is nurturing Timmy’s inquisitive mind, and building his self-esteem, by engaging him in a hands-on cooking experience. The narrative is written in delightful read-aloud rhyme, which is known to enhance the ability of the brain to learn and retain new information.

Nurturing Activity Ideas, Recipes, and a Song

Also included is a section entitled “Nurturing Tips from Nonny” with suggestions for the parent, grandparent, teacher, or other caregiver on how to motivate the young learner to enjoy the adventure of reading. Next, there are recipes for sweet potato pie: a traditional recipe and an easier microwave version. Last, the author leaves us with her clever musical composition about preparing and savoring the taste of sweet potato pie.

About the Author

Connie Carlisle Polley, author of Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!
Connie Carlisle Polley

The “Nonny” of this book, Connie Carlisle Polley, is a mother, grandmother, and former public and private school teacher of French and Spanish. For many years she also directed and coordinated children’s music programs at her church in Louisville, Kentucky. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Louisville, and did graduate studies at U of L and also at the University of Kentucky in the departments of foreign language and education. In addition to writing children’s books, she is a poet, songwriter, an essayist/inspirational writer, and a blogger. She brings to this writing a wealth of experience with children.

About the Illustrator

Courtney Coriell Williams, illustrator of Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!
Courtney Coriell Williams

The artist collaborator, Courtney Coriell Williams, lives in Louisville as well. She worked closely with Ms. Polley and shared the author’s vision of a little boy spending time at Nonny’s. This particular day, as every Nonny Day, sets Timmy out on an adventure into “learning by doing,” all the while feeling loved. In Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My! , Ms. Williams’ free-hand paintings strike a balance between realistic depiction and stylized illustration, giving her art a distinctive style. She has her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University and her Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from the University of the Cumberlands (Kentucky). She currently teaches in the local public-school system.

Thank you!

This book would make an excellent gift for birthdays, fall and winter holidays, young homeschoolers, or for a preschool, kindergarten, first grade class, or school library. It would even be a great gift for the parent-to-be or grandparent-to-be! Children will have fun turning the pages filled with rich rhyme and stylized illustrations. As an adult, you will appreciate Nonny’s Nurturing Tips and activity ideas for making one-on-one time into moments of both instruction and caring. Delight your beginning reader with SWEET POTATO PIE, OH MY! It is the author’s hope that it will be read many times and perhaps cherished for a lifetime.

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