Sweet Pickles’ Ebook Release!

My second children’s book, Sweet Pickles Among the Marigolds, is now available in a Kindle version through Amazon. Maybe you are a librarian, children’s early education center director, primary school teacher, homeschooler, parent/grandparent or other caring adult. If you want a peep into excellent materials and ideas to spark enthusiasm for reading, you might consider … Continue reading Sweet Pickles’ Ebook Release!

Snippet on Raising Financially Responsible Teens and Young Adults

As I returned in last Friday's blog post to Snippets about money management, below are my ideas for talking to your pre-teens and teens. I wrote this five-part money series before we, as citizens of the United States, were feeling the serious implications of the spread of the Coronavirus. With so many hurting economically, the … Continue reading Snippet on Raising Financially Responsible Teens and Young Adults

Need a Break? Sixteen Minutes to Restore Calmness and Bring Hope

My older daughter Neva-Marie recently recorded sixteen minutes of her singing and playing piano in her church sanctuary. If you feel you need a sanctuary--a place to go to restore peace and calmness to your anxious spirit--consider watching and perhaps singing along with this video: https://www.facebook.com/111183127836/videos/213626896525012/ Sharing Sacred Songs of EncouragementConnie Carlisle Polley, 2020ConnieCarlislePolley.com

Snippet on Doing Ordinary Jobs Well

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), as one of the framers of our Declaration of Independence,  and the Constitution of the United States, had a keen intellect. He distinguished himself as a scientist/inventor, printer/journalist/publisher, and diplomat/Ambassador to France. In his POOR RICHARD’S ALMANAC, we find one of the philosophies he penned which reads like a poem: For the … Continue reading Snippet on Doing Ordinary Jobs Well