Your Life’s Song

A few years ago I wrote a short poem as a note of condolence to my physician who
was mourning the unexpected passing of her friend’s young adult son.  I sympathized with her as I realized the grief of life’s end can be especially wrenching when hearts ache over a young life cut short.  She has since told me several times how much my words of comfort meant to her then and continue to speak to her.

I watched you reach the brink of manhood
With a prideful, caring eye,
Never dreaming the words you were singing
Included a mid-day “Goodbye.”
Your life’s song was sung too quickly
With a premature “Amen;”
Yet your song plays on deep within my heart
Where its melody will never end.

Written in Sympathy
For My Former Physician
Upon Her Loss

Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018

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