Love Found

Fairy tales would lead us to believe concerning relationships that everyone lives “happily ever after.”  Many times that is true.  Other times, death or difficulties intervene and marriages are cut short.  I’m sharing with you a poem I wrote for a dear family member as he found love again after his wife of many years passed away.  He didn’t sit around waiting for her to appear magically on his doorstep.  He went looking and found a lovely lady to fill the hole in his heart, with whom he now shares a wonderful life of both traveling and nesting.  I hope you enjoy the poem LOVE FOUND that I wrote a few years ago in celebration of their wedding.  

Love Found

The paths we took along life’s way
Beguiled us now and then
As we sought visions to fulfill
And sunshine ‘round the bend.

The years brought joy but trials, too,
As we traveled separate ways,
Not knowing we were meant to share
The beauty of autumn days.

Swirling leaves in autumn’s breeze
Enact bold dreams we dare to seize
While a ruby sun melts two souls into one
And gives light to the truth that our search is done.

We ventured to look, to seek, to find
And now we pledge a love that binds,
Welcoming God into our embrace
And joining our hearts in His sacred place.

Written Originally in Celebration
Of a Family Member’s Wedding
In the Autumn of Life

autumn-leaves-1415541_1920 (1)

By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018

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