The Silence of a Tomb

I recently lost a cousin who was my age.  We both married fairly young, pursued middle class careers, raised children in suburban homes, and later lovingly invited grandchildren into our lives.  Her death has caused me to reflect on what I have accomplished thus far in my life and what my future goals are.  The following poem IN HIS NAME is a reflection on what I feel is really important.


Sometimes in our concern
With who we are and what we do,
We don’t stop to think how short
Are the number of our days;
But tomorrow’s plans become our past
Whenever this brief life is through,
And all that will last
Is what we’ve done in His name.

In His name . . .
I’ll live my life each day.
In His name . . .
I’ll watch the steps I take.
I’ll not trust my own understanding
To keep me on God’s way,
But I’ll live my life
In His name.

The pages we inscribe
With our own name fade all too soon
‘Though we hoped for legacies
Of great honor and of praise;
For applause inside the halls of fame
Becomes the silence of a tomb
When all that remains
Is what we’ve done in His name . . .


Poem on the Transient Nature of Life
By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018

2 thoughts on “The Silence of a Tomb

  1. Teresa says:

    Beautiful words, my friend. All that really matters when all is said and done is who we were in Christ.
    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. Sounds like you were close to each other growing up and made many happy memories.


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