Thanksgiving pies

My Family’s Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving week out-of-town family members travel to my house.  While they are in town we have a special family day when those who live nearby and those who live at a distance have a chance to be together.  We talk, laugh, share good food, get my out-of-the-box Christmas tree set up, and have creative games for all.

A most special activity that we enjoy as a musical family is when one of us sits down at the piano and we begin to sing Christmas carols and songs.  Always included is SILVER BELLS, WHITE CHRISTMAS and WINTER WONDERLAND. There is also a flute player in the family, and in recent get-togethers we have added guitars to the mix. Some years we have had autoharp and dulcimer strumming. The younger children who are taking music lessons are eager to perform, too. So certainly we encourage their mini-recitals.  Thus our celebration of the spirit of Christmas begins with Thanksgiving.

I’ve put together some photographs from several different years to give you an inside look at my family’s Thanksgiving celebration.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as a visit with us!



Nonny’s helpers put up the tree



A Techie puts on lights


Children decorate


Good conversation



We all fill our plates



Someone asks if Nonny is ever going to quit taking photos and sit down to eat 😉





SPOT THE TURKEYS GAME!  This game can be turned into SPOT THE SANTAS or SPOT THE EASTER BUNNIES, etc. according to the holiday season.  Participants have a check-off sheet where they identify which Turkeys they have spotted and the goal is to spot all in the shortest amount of time.  I’ll put up detailed game instructions, for those of you who might be interested, in a later post.



Keep looking!



Oops! I see another turkey!



Lookin’ at the Finalists entries… Checkin’ ’em twice… Gonna find out… who’s done it just right!



The winner of SPOT THE TURKEYS GAME is...



Later some play UNO



Some sing along



Some are adding final touches to the tree while the trumpet player is tickling the ivories. Other musicians are gearing up to play and sing the rest of the evening.

Thanksgiving Greetings from My House to Yours
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018

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