One for Me, One for You

This is a poem of reflection, as I share feelings of sadness with all those who have ever suffered a broken relationship, especially one of many years.

One for me, one for you;
It will never be the same,
Dividing up the spoils of life
As though it were a game.

One for me, one for you
From love’s cup grown bitter cold
That once was a chalice of nectar sweet
Which we tipped with fingers laced with gold.

But as we slip off rings
That in youth said, “I do,”
We barter over things
That a lifetime grew.

Now of items that remain
From the least to the best
We carve out equal shares
While we pour o’er all the rest.

Now with heads hung low
Very softly we say,
“One for me, one for you”
At the end of the day.

. . . as we slip off rings that in youth said “I do”. . .

A Poem of Lament over Love Lost
By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018-2019

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