A Mom’s Prayers

Teens and cars:  one of the biggest things that Moms worry about.  Even those teens who have been driving a year or two still give us Moms pause.  We know the adolescent brain doesn’t measure potentially dangerous situations the way we do.  My following poem, A MOM’S PRAYERS, still brings a shiver to my spine as I contemplate the story this Mom relates.

A Mom’s Prayers

My heart skipped a beat.
My son was on the phone.
A tiny quiver in his voice
Told me something had gone wrong.
Before I asked what happened,
He said, “Mom, I want to know . . .
Were you praying for me
Just a little while ago?”

He was driving along
An unfamiliar road;
And in the dark he missed a curve,
His car, out of control.
Down a slope, it flipped over;
But he did not crawl out alone,
For while I was praying for him
God sent help down from His throne!

I’m praying for you
Still now as back then,
Beseeching for you–
A Mom’s prayers never end–
Imploring for you,
Though now you are grown,
Yes, praying for you
As you have sons of your own. 

 By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018-2019

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