Maybe a Sweet Potato Pie for your Holiday Get-together? (Recipes)

We all seem to have certain dishes which are “must haves” as we plan holiday menus for get-togethers with family and friends. If sweet potato pie is not already on your list, how about trying out one of the recipes included in my recent children’s book Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My!? One is a traditional “from scratch” recipe, and the other is a quicker-to-prepare version that uses a microwave. Either presentation at your event is sure to be a winner!

I’ve included the two recipes below for your use and enjoyment. If you haven’t already bought my new children’s early reader for one of the special kids in your life (ages 5-8)–and you’d like more information or want to make the purchase–I’ve included the links below to do that also. Thank you!

RECIPE #1: Sweet Potato Pie Supreme

RECIPE #2: Microwave-Easy Sweet Potato Pie

Recipes for Sweet Potato Pie

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