New Thanksgiving Activities Added This Year!

Just thought I’d share a couple of new activities that we added to our recent Family Thanksgiving Celebration: a snowball fight and a time of testimony! Those two might not sound complimentary but enrichment of our lives involves physical activity to keep our bodies strong. And quiet, reflective times to give us inner peace.

As always there were many favorite foods. And our outdoor SPOT THE TURKEYS GAME had good participation. Of course, the lure of cash prizes is a fairly good incentive!

Our usual outdoor game of SPOT THE TURKEYS (see SPOT THE TURKEYS blog for instructions)
A new activity: adding a snowball fight with 60 fluffy artificial snowballs . . .
Another activity added this year: Nonny’s sharing the testimony of her journey of faith
Music as always
Creating harmony with instruments and relationships
Voices joined together in a beautiful choir gathered around the piano and bass guitar!

I think that last musical note is the one I will use to end today’s greeting. God’s blessings upon you as you celebrate the season with the traditions of your family.

Greetings of the Holiday Season
By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2019

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