20/20 Vision in the Year 2020: a reflection on the future

The year 2020 seems almost magical when I write it. I think it is because I equate the number with the cataract removal and implant surgery I had several years ago. The relatively quick procedure took my vision from 20/200, which in my case meant the “Big E” was a fuzzy splat on the wall in my childhood optometrist’s office, to a crisp clear vision without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

During the procedure I was fully aware of a bright light and the surgeon’s laser incision’s producing colorful geometric shapes before my eyes. By the time my surgeon had finished his work, those beautiful squares, rectangles, and triangles had resolved into a precise, clear delineation of everything I saw. When I got home, I was excited to see individual leaves on the trees in my yard and masterfully outlined blades of grass.

Don’t get me wrong. I had functioned normally prior to surgery with vision corrected by glasses as a child and contact lenses as an adult. But now I didn’t have to reach for my glasses on my bedside table before walking across the room when I awoke in the morning.

Perhaps the year 2020 can be for you an exploration into clear vision for what you need to focus on to achieve success in the coming days. And success does not necessarily mean financial gain, although we all must acquire the material resources to possess the food and shelter we need for ourselves.

However, beyond the necessities, we must define our self-worth—how we feel about the person we are and how we feel about the contribution we are making in society. Your society may be small or great. It may be the family sphere where you are passing along life-lessons to your children and grandchildren. It may be putting in a productive work day everyday so you can support yourself and your family. Perhaps it is a job function in your municipality—namely your neighborhood, town or city—or on a greater scale, your state. Maybe you have the status and resources to contribute to and influence your nation or even the world.

Don’t consider your contribution small, whatever it may be. The grandest tree once was a tiny seedling and before that, a seed. The highly visible what we consider “great person” was once only a speck within her or his mother’s womb, but with the capacity for developing into a child. And who knows who that child becomes! Maybe that child’s name will become one recognized down through the ages.

I hope you can make the year 2020 your year of 20/20 vision!

By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2020

10 thoughts on “20/20 Vision in the Year 2020: a reflection on the future

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in “20/20 Vision in the Year 2020” challenging us to explore what success means for ourselves (our own needs and dreams) and what obligation we have to help success come to others.

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  2. Jerry Carlisle says:


    THANKS for your blog. I appreciate the beauty and insights you share. I mentioned to my pastor that he ought to consider starting a blog. How technically difficult is it to set up a blog? How much does it cost? God Bless, Jerry

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    • Connie Carlisle Polley says:

      Jerry, information on starting a blog is available at https://wordpress.com/ I pay $48 per year which allows me to blog (share my thoughts) whenever I choose. I have posted over 100 essays, poems, humorous stories, etc. since I started my NONNY’S BLOG, posting on a weekly schedule. For a person with average IT skills, it is relatively easy. There is a learning curve, as with any new venture we undertake, but by conscientious attention to interesting content, correct spelling and grammar (good editing), use of your own personal photos or free photos available at pixabay.com/ and advertising your blog to your family, friends, or in the case of your pastor–congregation, you can achieve a good forum for your ideas on any particular subject. Direct your pastor to my blog, if you’d care to, and best wishes if Pastor decides to start blogging! Connie


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