Holding On to Faith

It always amazes me how quickly people give up on God, seemingly much more quickly than they give up on anything else. Your car won’t start, and you’re frustrated. But do you throw up your hands and say, “I’m never getting in a car again—it’s too unreliable!” You discover a frozen water pipe. Do you just resign yourself that you won’t ever have that pipe free flowing again? Or suppose you are cooking on your electric range when suddenly the electricity goes off. Do you decide that from then on, you’ll need to use your charcoal grill! I think most of us can admit that the above “solutions” to these problems seem extreme. However when God doesn’t come through with the answer they want or expect, some just walk away.

If you have faith in a Higher Being, may I urge you to hold on in the midst of hard times. Just as you can’t see the wind itself, you see leaves stir, branches sway, and feel its bite on your skin when it blows; so it is with God’s Spirit. We may not see the presence of a Divine Being the way some have in the past. Nonetheless, He is with us.

Read the following verse of Scripture in your preferred language(s). Copy it on a card and put it in a place where you will notice it often during the week ahead. Say it aloud. And, finally, memorize it so it may always speak to your heart.

English—Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 KJV (Holy Bible King James Version, authorized in 1611)

English—Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. NIV 11 (Holy Bible New International Version, 2011)

Français—Or la foi est une ferme assurance des choses qu’on espère, une démonstration de celles qu’on ne voit pas. Hébreux 11:1 LSG (Bible Segond, 1910)

Español—Es, pues, la fe la certeza de lo que se espera, la convicción de lo que no se ve. Hebreos 11:1 RVR 1960 (Biblia Reina Valera, 1960)

Deutsch—Es ist aber der Glaube eine gewisse Zuversicht des, das man hofft, und ein Nichtzweifeln an dem, das man nicht sieht. Hebräer 11:1 DELUT (Lutherbibel, 1912)

Encouraging Words
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2020

For additional encouragement see my lyric IN THE STORMhttps://conniecarlislepolley.com/2019/06/07/in-the-storm/

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