Sewing a Cloth Face Mask

I just want to share a website I’ve found with an excellent PATTERN, INSTRUCTIONS, and VIDEO for SEWING A CLOTH SURGICAL FACE MASK WITH TIES. I watched several videos from other sites and tried a couple of other patterns. I like this one the best for clear information and a close fit on the face.

Some face masks I sewed using this pattern

I’m not a seamstress and I don’t love to sew. In fact with how slow I am in getting these face masks together, if I had to sew for a living I would be a pauper! But I’m making a few for my family with love from scraps of material I happen to have, even if most are not 100% cotton. I’m going to put care/use instructions with mine: hand wash, put on a clothes rack to dry/line with a paper towel or paper coffee filter if you wish.

If you have a sewing machine or know somebody who does, here’s a great place to find how to make a mask which (according to the website) meets hospital specs. As this website is a commercial promotion for those who want to donate to hospitals, you do need to enter your email to get the pattern. Be sure to print with 100% scale. Click on the link below.

Connie Carlisle Polley, 2020
Snippet on Sewing a Cloth Face Mask

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