Timmy Gardens, illustration by Courtney Coriell Williams

New song, new website, new book… Celebrate with me!

Last week I was excited to share with you the news of the publication of my latest children’s beginning reader/activity book. It’s called Sweet Pickles Among the Marigolds: A Rhyme of Garden Fun. Today I’ll give you a sneak peep between the pages with a recording of my sing-along song Pick Some Pickles! You’ll find it and other information at my new website NonnyDay.com.

Nonny Day Series - Volumes 1 and 2

I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have about the new site. And, of course, as books in the series continue to be published the website will grow, featuring fun and educational materials related to each book.

Also, I hope you will continue to read my weekly post on Nonny’s Blog at ConnieCarlislePolley.com.

Please share this information about my new children’s book with those you know who have or work with children ages 5-8! It may be used with pre-readers as well.

Thank you again for continuing to follow Nonny’s Blog!

New Song

Pick Some Pickles! Words and Music by Connie Carlisle Polley

New Website


New Book

Timmy Gardens, illustration by Courtney Coriell Williams
Illustrations by Courtney Coriell Williams

A Celebratory Announcement
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2020

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