Front cover of Sweet Pickles Among the Marigolds, By Connie Carlisle Polley, Illustrated by Courtney Coriell Williams

Sweet Pickles’ Ebook Release!

My second children’s book, Sweet Pickles Among the Marigolds, is now available in a Kindle version through Amazon. Maybe you are a librarian, children’s early education center director, primary school teacher, homeschooler, parent/grandparent or other caring adult. If you want a peep into excellent materials and ideas to spark enthusiasm for reading, you might consider ordering the electronic book version before buying the printed copy. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, or 1.99 to purchase.

You can thus preview this early reader in its totality: the story of Timmy and his Nonny exploring garden fun, rich colorful stylized illustrations, an original gardening song, pickle and tomato recipes, and tips for engaging the child in early stages of reading—preschool through age eight. If you are reading today’s blog, believe me, you are an educator! Give each child in your life the fundamentals of learning to read and you are directing him or her toward a successful future.

Nonny's Garden frogs enjoy the scenery
“Psst . . . have you heard about Nonny’s new book?” “Rivet, rivet! Riveting!”

Snippet on Teaching Reading Fundamentals
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2020

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