Lessons Learned Through Loss

If there’s one good which may come out of these terrible times of COVID-19, perhaps it is the lessons we have learned about appreciating more those parts of our lives which were snatched away from us. As workers and students, we probably complained at some point about the job we had to go to or the classes we were expected to attend. Yet now we look back with longing.

One of my family members who is a teacher related to me this week how her university students who were coming back into the physical facility seemed especially engaged in participating in class discussion.

Another family member in the early days of the pandemic told me her colleagues expressed eagerness to attend ZOOM meetings as they missed not being able to come to work.

A young granddaughter who recently was able to play with and have over-night a friend who had moved away, said to me, ”I wish I could just have that day with DeeDee over and over again” (name changed). I assured her that she could play that vision in her thoughts as often as she wanted. And that someday, she and DeeDee would have another play date.

There will be Another Fun Day . . .

I have two climbing rose bushes which have produced exceptionally deep crimson blooms in abundance this year, true not in small part to my watering them faithfully on those scorchingly hot summer days. They also have an exquisite fragrance. From time to time when my children and grandchildren come to visit me on the back patio, as they are leaving, I say, “Don’t forget to smell the roses!” So, let’s all remember those beautiful roses we saw and smelled in the past, those we are enjoying now, and those which will surely bloom in our future days!

Stop to Smell the Roses . . .

Snippet on Appreciating Today’s Roses
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2020

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