Ode to Stephen

I want to share with you a poem I wrote for my oldest grandchild when he was about ten. I printed it, put it in a frame and presented it to him as an extra Christmas Eve gift. I’m sure whatever else I gave him—and this was before any of the other grandchildren were born—seemed a lot more impressive than words penned by his Nonny.

But now as he is an adult who continues to achieve important milestones in his life, perhaps a reminder that his grandmother always thought he had the grit to pursue long-term goals—but also to enjoy the moment—will be something he is now mature enough to appreciate.

So here is that little ditty that I sang in my head to a borrowed melody. I found words to describe a youngster who was the “man in her life” to his mom until he had to learn to share her with my son.

Ode to Stephen

S is for the smart kid who’s named Stephen.
T is for how tall he’s gonna be.
E is for the energy God gave him.
P’s the praise deserved, we all agree.
H is heavens filled with stars he’ll reach for.
E…N’s the end of this guy’s name, you see.
So, put them all together, they spell Stephen
Who gets a big BRAVO from me!

A Poem Written Especially for my Grandson Stephen
By his “Nonny,” Connie Carlisle Polley
Presented with Much Love Years Ago
Shared Now with My Blog Readers in 2020

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