Stinky Story–Celebrating 3 Years of Nonny’s Blog!

As announced last week, I’m excited to have been sharing Nonny’s Blog with you for three years! In celebration, this week and next I’m sharing a couple of my first writings posted in April, 2018.

This post contains the contents of an actual letter I sent to my four school-age grandchildren–you know, one of those archaic means of communication that you fold, place in a stamped envelope, and send off via the United States Postal Service. Why in the world would I do that? Well, two live across the river in another state but actually close enough that I see them fairly often. The other two are about 300 miles away. And, anyway, I hope getting a letter in the mail is fun for them! And maybe this letter will be fun for you, too!

Nonny’s Cupboard

Nonny Day, 2018
Dear Grandgirls and Grandguys,

Something funny happened to me the other day and I wish you could have been here to laugh with me! I had been at my city house for a number of days and was just returning to my country house.

Immediately when I got back and was going through the back door into the kitchen, I smelled a kind of acetone smell. That’s like a finger nail polish remover smell. “Hmm . . .” I thought, “What can that be?”

No, it wasn’t the smell of a gas leak which, of course, would be dangerous. Anyway, I have an electric stove, not a gas stove.

“Let me look out back,” I thought. I took a big sniff with my head out the back door. “No,  it’s not out back. It’s here in the kitchen. I took the garbage out before I left; so it’s not trash under the sink.”

Oh, well, I was tired, went into the parlor, stretched out in my recliner, started flipping through the channels on the TV and completely forgot about it.

The next morning I opened my kitchen cupboard. Oh, my! The smell was even stronger. I pushed boxes and cans around and still could not find where the smell was coming from. So again I just went on with my day.

That evening, I started to fix myself a snack of crackers and cheese. I opened the box of crackers, put my hand in and recoiled in horror! You know what recoiled means, right?  It means my body jerked back. I was disgusted! There were orange peelings on top that had green mold on them. Now, sometimes orange and green look good together, but this did not! Ugh! I folded the top back down, quickly stuffed the box in a plastic grocery bag and threw it out the back door!

So, it seems that I had put some scraps from an earlier day’s supper with orange peelings on the top in the empty cracker box.  I even neatly folded over the box opening and set it on the counter.  I had intended to throw it in the garbage; but instead had later put the box back up in the cupboard. Yikes!

Grandguys, I’m sure you are laughing by now. I know you find gross things, especially stinky gross things, funny. Grandgirls, you are probably having the same reaction I did and thinking, “Pew. . .wee! Bet that smelled awful!”

Bye for now. If you have any funny stories, send them to me or give me a call. Or, you know what? Any kind of stories you want to share with me, funny or not, will be all right!

Sharing with You a Sent Letter to My Grandchildren
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018-2021

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