Stan Views Self-Publishing Up Close (Part Two)

Our Flat Stanley of last week’s blog post is continuing his visit with Nonny in Louisville, Kentucky all the way from Glenn Dale, Maryland. It is the Christmas season which means days and evenings are full of activities. What follows is a continuation of Stan’s journal. If you read last week’s blog post, you are ready to dive right into Part Two. However, if you have not read STAN VIEWS SELF-PUBLISHING UP CLOSE (Part One), please click on the above title and do so before you continue reading.

Tuesday, December 9

I helped Nonny put mulch around the roses in her rose bed today. I’m glad I had the coat she made me. Even though the sun was shining, it was cold!

Wednesday, December 10

Nonny and I went to a long choir practice at church tonight. She’s getting ready for the adult choir’s Christmas musical.

Thursday, December 11

Today Nonny showed me the angel costume she is sewing. She is almost finished. She sewed on the neck fasteners today and pressed it. It is long, made from a shiny white satin material and has gold trim. She is going to wear it next Sunday night during her adult choir’s Christmas musical. She said we’ll take some pictures to include with my journal.

Nonny’s satin angel costume all finished!

After Nolan got home from G.E. he helped Nonny set up a microphone for recordings she is going to make as part of Christmas gifts for her three younger grandchildren, ages six, four, and two. These recordings are going to end up in MP3 players inside little stuffed animals—bears for the boys and a lamb for the girl. Nolan went to his wife’s parents’ home for the evening and Nonny made audio recordings of the children’s stories and songs she has been writing.

It was late when he got back; but there was still lots of work to do because he is going straight home to Chattanooga from G.E. when he gets out of the training sessions tomorrow. He showed Nonny how to burn a CD from the recordings on the hard drive of her computer. He then used the CD to transfer the data to his laptop. Next the USB connector plugged right into his computer and voilà Nonny’s voice was now in these little stuffed animals! That’s almost as amazing as my being transported from Glenn Dale to Louisville via the printer scanner!

Saturday, December 13

Nonny and her choir practiced two hours today in a dress rehearsal for tomorrow night’s presentation. It was a real “dress rehearsal.” All choir and cast members wore their costumes.

Sunday, December 14

Performance night! Everything went great. Nonny’s daughter Neva and granddaughter Sara came to the performance. Then along with Nonny’s friend Lydia, we all came back to the house for snacks and fun. I loved meeting Sara. She gave me a big kiss!

Monday, December 15 through December 22

Whew! I’ve never seen anybody work so hard on a project! Nonny is editing her stories, coloring her illustrations, and making copies for the children so she can put them together in book form. Nolan and his family are coming in tomorrow afternoon for the Christmas holiday. And she tells me she’s still not finished!

We did manage to squeeze in a routine doctor’s appointment and a little last minute Christmas gift and grocery shopping this week. I watched a lot of PBS on television while Nonny was working.

. . . .

End of Part Two of STAN VIEWS SELF-PUBLISHING UP CLOSE. Come back to Nonny’s blog next week to read Part Three, which is the end of this story.

A Fun Children’s Story to Delight You
By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2021

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