Who Is Jesus? The Bread of Life

When someone asks who you are, what do you say? Maybe just your first name. Or perhaps your first and last name. Or you may even add your job description depending on where you are when the question is asked.

God in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible identified Himself to Moses with a description which sounds very strange to our ears: “I am that I am.” However, these words single out God as the Eternal Being.

Jesus in the New Testament goes beyond stating His being or eternal presence by adding descriptive words which help us understand His nature. There are seven of these “I am” statements in the Gospel (which just means Good News) of John.

Today’s blog post is the first snippet in my Who Is Jesus Series. I hope you’ll find answers and hope in this series as we all navigate together the difficult days of our lives.

The answer to today’s question is found in The Holy Bible, John chapter 6 verse 35. This is where Jesus describes Himself as the bread of life. You probably eat several servings of bread each day. Some kind of bread is a staple in diets all over the world.

Jesus knows we need physical nourishment. And hunger gives us a cue that our bodies must be fed. In the same way, we need spiritual nourishment. The spiritual “bread” which Jesus gives, if accepted, satisfies spiritual hunger. And this hunger, whether your current mindset is aware of it or not, is your longing for a relationship with a personal God.

You may read and meditate on the above selected Scripture verse in your heart language or other. English, French, Spanish, and German translations are below.

English: I am the bread of life. KJV (King James Version), GNT (Good News Translation), NIV (New International Version)

Français: Je suis le pain de vie. LSG (La Sainte Bible par Louis Segond), BCC1923 (Bible Catholique Crampon 1923), BFC (Bible en français courant)

Español: Yo soy el pan de vida. RVR1960 (Biblia Reina Valera 1960), JBS (Biblia del Jubileo), NTV (Nueva Traducción Viviente)

Deutsch: Ich bin das Brot des Lebens. DELUT (Lutherbibel 1912), HFA (Hoffnung Für Alle), NBH (NeÜ bible.heute)

Encouragement and Instruction
From the Bible, God’s Holy Word

Connie Carlisle Polley, 2022

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