Who Is Jesus? The Door

How do you access the various places you go during the week? Whether we are going into our home; a place where we work, attend class, or enjoy ourselves; where we buy our daily necessities; or our house of worship—most likely we pass through a door. Even if we go to some of these places virtually, the first door is our internet connection. And then we need an app or a link. Moreover, we look for ‘https’ to make sure we are going to a safe site, a secure place.

Today’s third blog post of the Who Is Jesus Series is found in the Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 9. Jesus says He is “the door.” Some translations say He is “the gate.”  If we were to read the entire tenth chapter of John, we would understand that He is speaking about the gate which keeps a flock of sheep from wandering from their enclosure—away from the watchful eye of their shepherd. The gate keeps the sheep safe from wolves and other animals of prey. The gate and the shepherd also allow the flock to go in and out of their fold to feed in green pastures and to drink from nearby still water.

Regardless of what name you call your Holy One—God in English, Dieu in French, Dios in Spanish, Gott in German or Allah, Yahweh, or shàngdì (English spellings for God in Arabic, Hebrew, and Mandarin Chinese)—perhaps you feel you need a door to God’s Kingdom where you can find a personal loving God. Even if your native or mother tongue is not one of these that I have mentioned, rest assured that God hears and understands the expression of your spirit when you call out to Him. May Jesus’ description of Himself as “the door” give you encouragement and direction. Here are trusted translations in English, French, Spanish, and German below.

English: I am the door. John 10:9 KJV (King James Version), ASV (American Standard Version), CPDV (Catholic Public Domain Version)

Français: Je suis la porte. Jean 10:9 LSG (La Sainte Bible par Louis Segond), BCC1923 (Bible Catholique Crampon 1923), BFC (Bible en français courant)

Español: Yo soy la puerta. Juan 10.9 RVR1960 (Biblia Reina Valera 1960), JBS (Biblia del Jubileo), NVI (Nueva Versión Internacional)

Deutsch: Ich bin die Tür. Johannes 10,9 DELUT (Lutherbible 1912), NGU2011 (Neue Genfer Übersetzung), LUTHEUTE (luther.heute)

Encouragement and Instruction
From the Bible, God’s Holy Word
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2022

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