The Thrill of Anticipation

One of the things the now two-year-old COVID-19 pandemic has taken from those individuals who have found themselves isolated from family and friends is not only actual personal visits or personal interactions but the thrill of anticipation of that happening. These individuals might include those who live in a private room in a nursing facility. Widows or widowers who live alone. Single apartment dwellers. A school-age child with no siblings whose school has been reduced to virtual classes. A teen whose after-school activities have been suspended. A child who misses a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other caregiver who made an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

Perhaps we didn’t appreciate how good life was until it was interrupted by something like a virulent disease which makes normal day-to-day activities seem now like special events to be cherished. I wonder how many school children who grumbled about classes, teachers, or cafeteria food have wanted to be back in school buildings even if there were health practices and restrictions in place.

Unexpected phone calls or visits can be great. But if we know in advance that these are going to happen, we can enjoy looking forward to the happening as well as delighting in the event itself. So, we get to feel good twice! Remember a time when you knew you were going on a special vacation, or were going to celebrate a special day, or were going to meet up with a special friend. Anticipation ran through your body and your brain like an electric current! Whoa! If you are a roller coaster fan, your heart starts pumping faster on the way up as you anticipate what it is going to be like when your car starts its descent. Of course, if you are like me that is not an enjoyable thrill but rather a frightening chiller-thriller!

Those of us who enjoy more placid adventures can experience a thrill of equal intensity expecting to share a supper with a friend, embrace a grandchild, or receive a kiss from a loved one. I hope you are both the giver and receiver of pleasurable adventures.  And that you may both experience and contribute to their anticipation in the days ahead!

Snippet on Finding Joy
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2022

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