Going Out the Way You Came In

There has never been a single individual born on earth wearing bejeweled rings, a fancy headdress, or an elegant garment. All come into this world completely unadorned. And there is nothing from this world that you can take out with you.

In the Christian religious faith, we believe after death the soul of a believer in Jesus Christ leaves the body and goes to live with the God of their salvation for eternity. So, a Christian goal, though many don’t seem to be following it, is to spend less time and energy acquiring possessions. And more time focusing on living this life in preparation for the afterlife.

Below are translations of Matthew 6:19-20A from the Holy Bible in English, French, Spanish, and German for your reflection in your “heart language” if one of those happens to be your native tongue. Or maybe you’ll find here a verbal expression which is your second language or one you would like to examine for comparison.

You may also hear these Scriptures by going to https://www.bible.com which is the YouVersion website and clicking on the language English, Français, Español, or Deutsch and following the directions. You do not have to download an app. You can simply read, listen, and enjoy.

English: Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. NIV (New International Version)

Français: Ne vous amassez pas des trésors sur la terre, où les mites et la rouille détruisent et où les voleurs percent les murs pour voler, mais amassez-vous des trésors dans le ciel. S21 (Bible Segond 21) 

Español: No os hagáis tesoros en la tierra, donde la polila y el moho destruyen, y donde ladrones entran y hurtan; sino haceos tesoros en le cielo. RVR95 (Biblia Reina Valera 1995)

Deutsch: Häuft in dieser welt keine Reichtümer an! Sie warden nur von Motten und Rost zerfressen oder von Einbrechern gestohlen! Sammelt euch vielmehr Schätze im Himmel. HFA (Hoffnung für alle)

Encouragement and Instruction from God’s Holy word
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2022

Alphabet Excursion Kindle edition - title page

Nonny Day Series Children’s Books for Pre-Readers through Age 8
Written by Connie Carlisle Polley and Illustrated by Courtney Coriell Williams

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