Opus Just Begun / Still More Work To Come

maestro-3020019_1920 (1)

Over the years I have sung in a number of church choirs.  In fact, Wednesday evening rehearsal, Sunday morning warm-up/choral leadership of worship, and participation in seasonal musical cantatas are a part of my DNA.  As such, I have been under the leadership of numerous music directors.  Here’s a poem of appreciation I wrote for a departing Dr. Steve.*  He was not a doctor who cures your medical woes with pills, but a doctor trained in music theory and performance who lifts our spirits through song.  Even though his “opus” or “work” at our church had come to a close, we knew his life’s work would include other choirs in other places.


Sing a song of Doctor Steve,*
A music man of note.
His measured time at Fam’ly Church*
Deserves a poet’s stroke.
So here’s a line or two of rhyme,
Our way of saying thanks,
To a maestro of choir whom we all admire
Even though he sometimes pulls rank!

His skills are not diminuendo
In directing or playing guitar;
And he’s certainly not rallentando#
In all he’s done thus far.
However, here is a suggestion
For keeping brassy altos in check:
A waving baton, like Moses’ rod,
Is a miracle worker, you bet!

Let’s add an amen forte
To the work of Maestro Steve*
For a score well done
In an opus just begun,
We are grateful and say, “Godspeed!”

(* Names changed)
(# Musical term meaning slowing down)

A Celebratory Poem of Appreciation
For A Church Music Director’s Service
Revised 2018

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