Bionic Nonny!

My playful ditty BIONIC NONNY [pronounced NAH’nee} explores the wonderful age of medical miracles in which we live! What surgeons can repair in a broken or degenerate body is amazing!

Surgery, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities are certainly not what I think of when I contemplate a pleasant experience or a time of vacation.  However, after my last surgical procedure, which was knee replacement,  I did find myself scribbling a funny little ditty of a song on a scrap of paper.

I was branding myself to my grandchildren as “Bionic Nonny” before this song was ever written.  Here’s how I took on that nickname!

In a prior conversation with someone I was bemoaning the fact that I was like an old car having to have parts replaced when he said, “That’s a good thing!  You’re bionic now.  You’re Bionic Nonny!”

“Well,” I told him, “This is my last surgery.  That’s it!”

WORD OF CAUTION! To graphic artists and trained musicians, let me say, “Please excuse the awkward scribbles of a post-surgery patient.”  I was trying to combat pain and boredom during long, tedious twenty-four hour days while captured in a rehabilitation center.  My pressing mental questions were when the next pain pill could be taken, and what time the next meal would arrive.

In an attempt to amuse myself, I wrote out the words and music of BIONIC NONNY which began flitting around in my head.  Maybe you will also be entertained by my light-hearted song about my participation in our medical fix-it society!  If you don’t read music or you have trouble deciphering my chicken scratch, just skip on down to the easier-to-read version!

Bionic Nonny handwritten sheet music


Verse 1)  One day soon driving her car she’ll be
Nonny with her new bi-o-o-nic knee!

Verse 2)  One day soon over the road she’ll zip
Nonny with her new bi-o-o-nic hip!

Verse 3)  One day soon in her red car you’ll spy
Nonny with her new bi-o-o-nic eyes!

Verse 4)  Are there any other parts to fix?
Nonny smiles and then she says, “That-a-a-t’s it!”

music-1700490_1920 (1)

By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018

4 thoughts on “Bionic Nonny!

  1. Jerry says:

    A cute song and pictures. They brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing your positive and thankful attitude to the inevitable aging process. Thanks also to the wonderful advancement of medical science. And thanks to God for our next life in Heaven when we won’t need the aid of bionic devices.


  2. Bonnie Sharp says:

    I LOVE Your posts in your blog! You inspire me as I age and take care of my Granddaughter! I’m sure someday I will be Bionic Bonnie! LOL! Hope your doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

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