Here’s To Happy Trails

I had the good fortune of coming from a large extended family when I was growing up. There were so many aunts and uncles and lots of cousins–so numerous that I’d have to stop and count to give you exact numbers! And, on my Mom’s side of the family, we all lived within close proximity.

Within a stone’s throw was my cousin Bev’s house. We were the same age, although she reminded me many times that she was the “Older And Wiser Cuz” since her birthday was three and a half months before mine. So, we played together, went to church together, and shared little girl good times together.

As we grew up, got married and had families, we interacted less frequently, but we always shared a strong family bond. Some years later when her husband retired, I joined them in their celebration party, and wrote this poem of good wishes for them both.


Let’s hear a cheer for Terry
As we celebrate his day!
LG&E’s been left behind
And retirement’s in full sway.

The “fix-it man” over at the plant
Now has a new job list
That Bev’s prepared to fill his time
Should “7 to 3” be missed.

But Western “shoot ‘em ups” fill Terry’s plans
For any hour of the day
As they gallop through pages and on the TV screen
And whisk this cowboy away.

Yet once in a while Bev pulls him loose
From his fav’rite easy chair
To prowl the town in his lone star hat
That makes the gals stop and stare.

He’s a sight for sore eyes, this Terry dude,
As he and “Babe” take to the road,
“Flyin’ on the ground” to sunny shores,
Enjoying the company’s pot o’ gold.

So we wish him health and lots of days
To spend the leisure hours he’s earned
While Jessica and Randy wave goodbye and say,
“Have fun! Don’t forget to return!”

Written Especially for a Beloved Cousin’s Husband
On the Occasion of His Retirement Celebration
Revised 2018
By Connie Carlisle Polley

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