Sing Hallelujah, Give Him Your Heart!

By the spring of 2019, my first musical composition for choir had survived the serious inspection of my church music director. After I had done much editing of the score, my song–whose lyrics and melody had been in a folder for many years prior–was deemed worthy of public performance by his trained eyes and ears. Sing Hallelujah, Give Him Your Heart! was presented just prior to the Easter season with a smooth male solo vocalist singing the three verses and a robust four-part choir harmony offering a joyful praise of God in the choruses.

As a song appropriate for either the Easter or Christmas season, the verses are a synopsis of the life of Christ from the cradle to the cross. A mini-drama takes place to the side of the choir loft: a Grandmother with an over-sized Bible and children at her feet mimes the content of each verse. First, Jesus sleeps as “angels raise a great amen,” “shepherds watch their sheep,” and the children ask to hear the story of the first Christmas again.

In the second verse one child wants to know if Baby Jesus got any presents for Christmas. This sets the stage for the gifts of the Wise Men and the second chorus which is an invitation: “Give Him your heart.”

The third verse has the children asking the question, “Where’s the Baby Jesus?” The answer is, “A cross, a hill, a Child grown up Who soon would have to die. But he fled the tomb and He still lives! So children, don’t you cry.”

Prior to COVID-19 my church only had audio recording capabilities. However, a member of my family used her smart phone from the pew where she sat to record a video. I’m so thankful she did. And I hope you will be, too!

Photos from the Premiere of Sing Hallelujah, Give Him Your Heart!

With Children in a Mini Drama . . . And a Final Rehearsal the Night Before

A Song of Praise for All Seasons
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2019-2021

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