Creating Our Own Gods

Today’s snippet blog post presents what I call the Second Lighthouse Lamp of a list of ten spiritual directives which anyone can use to give meaning and direction to life. The first was acknowledging and worshiping One God. The second, which we are looking at today,  instructs us not to create and then worship the gods we ourselves have made.

Archaeological evidence shows that scribes (which actually just means writers) carefully copied ancient Hebrew manuscripts. Thanks to their endeavors, we have what has become known as the five books of Moses, which also happen to be the first five books of the Bible’s Old Testament. Later, translators put these writings into other languages. And thus, God’s directives have come down to modern seekers. Here below is the Second of the Ten Commandments in modern English, French, Spanish, and German. Choose to read it in your preferred language(s). You can also hear it by going to the Google Translate app. May God bless you as you read and hear.

English—You shall not make for yourself an image . . . You shall not bow down to them or worship them. Exodus 20:4-5 NIV (Holy Bible New International Version)

Français—Tu ne te fabriqueras aucune idole . . . Tu ne te prosterneras pas devant des statues de ce genre, tu ne les adoras pas. Exode 20.4-5 NFC (La Sainte Bible Nouvelle Français Courant)

Español—No te has ningún ídolo . . . No te inclines delante de ellos ni les rindas culto.  Éxodo 20.4-5 DHH94 (La Santa Biblia Dios Habla Hoy 1994)

Deutsch—Fertige dir keine Gotzenstatue an . . . Wirf dich nicht vor solchen Götter Figuren nieder, bring ihnen keine Opfer dar! 2.Mose/Exodus 20,4-5 HFA (Die Bibel, Hoffnung Für Alle)

Encouragement and Instruction from God’s Holy Word
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2021

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