Love Found Again (poem)

Fairy tales would lead us to believe concerning love relationships that everyone lives “happily ever after.” Sometimes those relationships entered into during youth do last a lifetime. Other times, death or difficulties intervene and unions and marriages are cut short. Today I’m sharing with you a poem I wrote for my brother as he found love again after his beloved wife of many years passed away.  

Love Found Again

The paths we took along life’s way
Beguiled us now and then
As we sought visions to fulfill
And sunshine ‘round the bend.

As fall leaves swirl from golden trees
We dare to dream, we dare to seize
A ruby sun melting two into one
Giving light to the truth that our search is done.

We ventured to look, to seek, to find
And now we pledge a love that binds,
Welcoming God into our embrace
And joining our hearts in His sacred place.

A Poem in Celebration of Love Found in the Autumn of Life
By Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018-2021
For my Brother and His Bride

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