Enjoy a Holiday Game

Spot The Turkeys is an outdoor game my family has played while celebrating the Thanksgiving season. You could easily adapt it to other times of the year as Spot The Santas, Spot The Easter Bunnies, etc. Use your imagination to come up with other variations and have fun!

Can you spot the post-holiday-meal napper? Not everyone has to play the game to enjoy the day!

How to Play

1. Game Coordinator: Use twenty 8″ by 11″ sheets of paper to prepare in advance cartoonish colored sketches (use as many different sketches as you can find online) of Turkeys which fill up the whole sheet. Cut out the individual Turkeys. Number them 1-20 on the front with a bold marker. On the back and with the Turkey flipped upside down write the letters A-T, not coordinating 1 with A, but using letters of the alphabet randomly. You will need to get the Turkey cut-outs laminated.

2. Put tape just at the top of the Turkeys and tape them outside (on a fence, garbage can, garage window, etc.) in visible areas while game participants are in a holding room where they can not see where the game coordinator is positioning the Turkeys.

3. Hand out a Game Sheet and pen or pencil to each Individual Player or Team of Two Players. So younger children do not feel overwhelmed by the competition, you may want to assign Teams of Two made up of a small child and an adult or a small child and an older child.

4. SPOT THE TURKEYS is written at the top of the Game Sheet with a place for the Participant(s) Name(s). The #s 1-10 are written from top to bottom on the left margin of the sheet and the #s 11-20 are written top to bottom down the center of the sheet.

5. The idea of the game is for the Player or Team to spot a TURKEY, sneak a peak at the back of the TURKEY they spot without drawing undue attention to themselves, and write the alphabet letter next to the appropriate # on the Game Sheet.

6. ON YOUR MARK!  GET SET!  GO!  When a Player or Team has filled in letters of the alphabet for all twenty numbers, they run to turn in their completed Game Sheet to the Game Coordinator. The Coordinator calls, “Time!” after accepting the first two, three or more to finish. I give cash prizes for First, Second, and Third Place Winners. Or sometimes First Place, Second Place, and a small amount for all who participated. The Coordinator checks to see if the first finalist is 100% correct. If not, the next finalist’s entry is checked and so on until a single WINNER or multiple WINNERS are declared.  

Holiday Game Instructions
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2018-2021

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