Nonny Children's Books are headed to Sitka, Alaska - Sweet Potato Pie Oh My

Nonny’s Books are headed to Alaska! (New Project with Sitka School District)

Dear Nonny’s Blog Readers,

I’m excited to share with you the news that the Sitka School District in Alaska will be using my book Sweet Potato Pie, Oh My! as a part of a sweet potato pie kit giveaway. The school district is distributing to fifty Sitka students and their families a kit with all ingredients for making the pie and a copy of my book. In addition I will be participating soon in a Zoom Get-together led by 4-H during which pies are made, my book is read, and having fun will definitely be on the agenda!

Another bonus for me is that I’ve been to the charming island town of Sitka! When I was contacted about this project (via Nonny’s Blog!), I got out a photo album of Alaska from a trip I made some years ago and began reliving the good times I had in this small colorful community. Join me as I look over photos and stroll through the streets of Sitka, Alaska!

Moments captured in Sitka, Alaska

Nonny’s Children’s Books are headed to Alaska! — New Project with Sitka School District
Connie Carlisle Polley, 2021

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